Thursday, August 6, 2015

Condo Fit-Out: Requirements

For the requirements, you need to ask your building admin and engineer before you can start renovating your condo. As mentioned on my previous post, we are planning to have a small loft or mezzanine to maximize the space and because we have a high ceiling.

Requirements are the following:

Architectural drawings

You need to submit architectural drawings by a licensed architect. This includes; floor plan, electrical plan, plumbing works, electrical load, cabinet installation, kitchen, T&B, ceiling installation and bedroom. We waited for the approval of the building engineer because we need to use steel bars and anchor bolt for the mezzanine. Engineer said, we are the first unit owner who proposed such plan and design, wala pa daw naglakas ng loob mag palagay ng mezzanine sa studio unit unless designed talaga yung condo na lagyan ng mezzanine.

Construction bond

Building admin required us to pay 50k and only 38k will be returned after the renovation has been completed.  Ang tanong, saan mapupunta ang 12k, madaming sinabi na kesyo ganito kesyo ganyan, may bayad yung pagbabantay nila at marami pang iba. Mabigat ang 12k pero kung poproblemahin ko yan sasakit lang ulo ko at baka hindi pa matuloy tong project na to.

Application Form

It’s an application form for the working permit. This will be provided by the building admin and we need to fill it out with the scope of work, name of contractor and the date of completion.


Contractors All Risk Insurance for construction projects consisting of protection against loss or damage, injury or property damage. We paid Ph2, 648 then submitted the following to the insurance company: Scope of work, Bill of Materials, Total cost of fit-out, working days, date of completion and complete name and address of the owner. Once processed, they will send the contract with the receipt via email. Then you need to submit it with the Application form to the building admin.

Once everything is good, the building engineer and foreman will meet the unit owner and contractor for the briefing then you may claim the working permit to start your condo fit-out or renovation.

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