Saturday, September 5, 2015

Condo Fit-Out: Hiring A Contractor

Things you need to do before hiring a contractor:

1. Background Check

Check if the contractor is licensed and registered and has a good reputation. Interview the contractor or their previous clients regarding their works and if possible ask for some pictures of their previous or on-going projects.

2. Seek for referrals

Talk to your friend, family, relatives or neighbors and ask if they know a contractor who would fit on the project.

3. Meet the contractor

Meet them personally and face to face to discuss the project. Let them know what you want, ask questions and if they have any suggestions or what they think about the project.

4. Get Bids

Ask the selected contractors for quotations or estimation of the project. Break down the cost of materials, labor and other expenses. Communication is very important so before deciding, make sure you are very comfortable with his personality, communication and skills. A bad contractor will tell you they don't want you visiting the place while they're working. A good contractor will advise you to make a surprise visit to see if they are doing a great job.

5. Request for a contract

Timetable, details of labor and materials should be included in the contract

6. Discuss the payment

Hire a contractor that you're comfortable with. Do not hire a contractor that is very desperate to get the bid of the project because they want money from you. The priority of the contractor is the customer's satisfaction and the outcome of the project and not on how much money will he earn and get from you.

We get the service of Uni Connections Enterprises. Uni De Velez is the Managing Director and a licensed contractor. He's easy to deal with and I am very comfortable discussing what we wanted on this project. He guaranteed us he will always be there everyday monitoring the progress and suggested to do a surprise visit for us to make sure that they are really doing a great job. He always sends us reports and pictures everyday of what they have accomplished. If you need a trusted contractor,  I would highly recommend Uni Connections Enterprises. Please check my next entry for the before and after pictures. Contact Number: 0916 284 3772.