Thursday, July 23, 2009

FlapJacks Robinson's Place

Taba and payat went to Robinson's Place to stroll and drink coffee at Starbucks.

We stop infront of FlapJacks to decide where to eat dinner when their host approached us and offer their menu. We are planning to eat dinner food and they're offering breakfast, well i said let's give it a shot to try their food.

The waitress led us to the corner table and waited for us to give our orders.

I ordered waffles with maple syrup then payat ordered french toaste with bacon, scrambled egg and sausage.

Iceberg Chocolate Spoon

July 20, 2009

After work, me and payat went to Robinson's Place Manila to buy a shirt.
We saw this small ice cream parlor, then we started craving for a chocolate ice cream. We love Dairy Queen so much however we want to try this just for a change.

I ordered their chicken with rice (forgot the name of it) because it looks yummy on the menu and well, it meets my expectation.

We asked for their best selling ice cream and they mention Chocolate Banoffee Sundae.

Well to describe it, just an ordinary soft ice cream and nothing special with the taste.

Hmmmm, well, i am little disappointed maybe because i'm expecting more with the taste ;-).

DQ is still the best :D

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mr. Kurosawa

July 10, 2009 Friday night
Our office is just located here in Eastwood so we decided na maglibot libot to look for a place to eat. I love japanese food and so we decided to try this place that is partly owned by Marvin Agustin. (chumika pa)

First thing i noticed is their ceiling, i love it. I also liked the decors and the dark purple lights.

We ordered the colorful ice tea, blue and green. The food was really great. We ordered katsudon and tonkatsu. We haven't try their dessert.. hmmmm.. Nakalimutan ata namin umorder.. well pwede naman bumalik diba.. Sa susunod hindi ko na kakalimutan ang dessert. ;-)

Green Tea

California Maki

Wah Sun

A friend of mine told me that the oldest restaurant was featured in Jessica Soho. I was very curious and eager to see the place. The Ambos Mundos 1888 and the Wah Sun 1955 was both located at Recto near LRT station.

My bestfriend and i went there last week. It's a very interesting place because two huge black pigs will greet you at the entrance of the restaurant. The ground floor is an open canteen and the place were already crowded at 10 in the morning. We walk upstairs and saw a giant yellow snake and a medium size alligator too. There's also a pond with fishes and birds on a cage.

The second floor is the aircondition dinning area and i can't believe they have preserved the historic place.

We asked the waiter what is their best selling food and he mention special miki bihon, asado rice and lumpiang shang-hai. I like to order their chicken however we are on a tight budget hihihihi.

I love the asado rice that has a unique taste and the lumpiang shang-hai too. The lumpia is very tasty and i wonder if it's a ground pork or shrimp.
I don't like their special miki bihon, it's salty and oily.

Well,I had a great time eating and looking at the animals at Wah Sun. i can say it's a great experience. Definitely i will come back and might celebrate my birthday at Wah Sun.