Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lemon Juice Diet

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I am very desperate to lose weight after giving birth. I used to be 120lbs before I got married then when I was pregnant I gained a lot of weight. I am having difficulty going up and down the stairs. I get depressed whenever I see myself into the mirror, I am very huge. I tried Insanity and Focus T25 for a month but it injured my knee. It damaged my knee pad and based from the MRI result I have Grade 4 of Chondromalacia  patella.

Chondromalacia patella is also known as the runner’s knee, it is a condition where the knee pad deteriorates or damage. I went to The Medical City and they offered me a medicine that needs to be injected directly on my knee and it is worth P20, 000.  Told the doctor I don’t have much money and if I have I still need to look for a cheaper alternative. My brother in law recommends a doctor from Sta. Anna Manila. We went to Sta. Anna and meet the doctor. He offered me a medicine from Germany and need to be injected three times on my knee. One session was worth 3,500 and 3 session was worth 10,500. I need to come back to his clinic every other day for the injection.  After the session he gave me prescription to take Genacol Collagen once a day and Carnicor L-Carnatine twice a day.

Genacol Collagen, based from the doctor, it will reduces the pain and will regenerate the cartilage and ligaments of my knee. The Carnicor is to lose weight and boost metabolism. Because of my condition, I am not allowed to exercise. I love walking but no long walk for now but if I need to, doctor said to don’t forget to pause if my knee hurt.  Last October 2014 I was 163lbs. Last November someone introduced me the lemon detox every morning. I need to squeeze half lemon to warm water, 1 tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar (I use Bragg), and 1 tbsp. honey.

After a week of detox, I lose 11lbs (152lbs). Isn’t it amazing?! No changes with my eating habit, I still eat rice and Jollibee yum burger. Last December I am in no mood of checking my weight I am afraid to see that I gained again. This January someone introduced me the Cayenne pepper and Turmeric. I just need to add it on my warm lemon. I love adding turmeric on my food especially on my rice. Now, I can’t believe I am 145lbs. Wow, no exercise, no walking, and no jogging and normal eating habit but still I am losing weight. Thanks to the lemon detox it is really effective for me. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Cheap Eye Glasses

I started wearing glasses when I was 13 due to Myopic Astigmatism and that was 18 years ago. Myopic Astigmatism is one or both eyes are nearsighted and what I experienced was I always get dizzy and having difficulty seeing at night. Last 2009 I went to EO and have my eye checked and get a new frame and lens. Frame was worth 2,000 plus 5,000 for multi coated, UV protection and transition photochromic lens, the total was P7, 000, expensive right?! I am very careful with my eyeglasses and make sure I won’t scratch it. Unfortunate event happen, I was held up last 2011 and they took all my things. I need to have a new eyeglass. Went back to EO and told them I just want to have a simple frame and lens for my astigmatism, no multi coated and photochromic, I only want protection from UV and computer.  Frame was worth 2,500 and the lens with UV and radiation protection was worth 2,000 total of P4, 500.

(My eyeglass from EO worth P7,000, paumanhin sa taray look kase stolen shot hahaha)

This year my shift starts at 3:00 PM and thought of having transition photochromic lens. This time I went to Sarrabia and told them what I need. Lens for astigmatism was worth 800 no multi-coating, no photochromic and protection from UV and computer. Then went to a Korean optical shop (I forgot the name), they have a very cheap frame worth 500 but simple lens was expensive worth 1,200. Last Friday I went to Paterno in Quiapo and look for Reshma Optical shop. I told Reshma (the owner) I have astigmatism and I need protection for UV, computer and sun. Lens with multi coated, UV and computer protection is worth 500. If I want it the transition photochromic, need to add 500. They also offered the new type of photochromic lens; it's much darker like a sun glasses once expose to sun and for that I need to add 1,000. I don’t need a new frame because it’s still in good shape, so I just paid 1,000. My new lens for astigmatism has multi-coated with UV and computer protection and transition photochromic. That is very cheap right, compared to a simple lens from Sarrabia and Korean optical shop. 

(My new lens from Quiapo)