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Natuwa naman ako dito kase totoo yung iba. Nabasa ko to sa blog ni evilwoobie. Share ko lang.. pero para ito sa mga Libra.. visit nyo nalang yung site nya para sa ibang zodiac sign.


Libra Girl (September 24 – October 23) The Witty Witch

She can dish out remarks that everyone eats up. Her comments are valued as they provide several sides to an issue. Her conversation is as priceless as her smile. She can definitely get any conversation going with a guy, and her intelligence makes even the most chauvinistic of the males feel spellbound. This girl is incredibly supportive of her boyfriend, and will point out mistakes and loopholes gently? in a way that the guy will think ?why didn't I think of that?? and not get offended. (ay naku truelalooo.. shunga lang hindi marunong maka appreciate nyan!)

Punctuality is not her strongest point, but her smile and very reasonable excuse will make your impatience dissipate into thin air? those, and her impeccable choice of date-clothes and accessories that you notice at once when she arrives. (hahaha.. hindi ako marunong ma-late, magagalit si mommy)

Woobie?s Quick Tip: This girl likes to take a nap. Most Librans need naps as other people may need snacks in the afternoon. So if she says, ?I hope you don’t mind if I take a short nap?, she probably means it. The worst thing you can do is deprive her of this nap by being naughty. That?s the fastest way to get her cranky. (sobrang antukin ako lalo na kapag traffic sarap maidlip)

Eto ay para kay KhantoTantra na Libra Boy

Libra Guy (September 24 – October 23) Princely Procrastinator

This is the most charming of all the male signs. He will get you comfortable fast with his soft-sounding voice and melodious laughter. He will usually have dimples, whether on the face or elsewhere. He will be very friendly, but too much familiarity turns him off. He has numerous acquaintances and few close friends, but if he throws a party, everyone is invited, even the most distant friends of friends of friends. He prefers to think about a decision long and hard before he has to make it.

Is a Libra Guy your soulmate? Read on.

He will consider scenarios upon scenarios in his mind, up to a point that he will refuse to make a concrete stand because he can’t go one way and discard the other points to consider. Like the female counterpart, he is capable of conversation that brings new ideas to the table.

His powers of concentration are immeasurable, but be wary that the harder he worked, the longer he needs to sleep afterwards. Sleep and rest is sacred to this sign and he often pretends to be asleep or resting just so you wouldn’t disturb him. For all his appreciation of constant contact with friends and family, this guy will turn off his cellphone or take the landline off the hook while he rests.

This is what I call his “alone mood“, the time when he is acutely aware of his surroundings and will rather lie quietly or submerge himself in a book for a long time rather than deal with the real world.

Besides these occasional bouts of anti-social behavior, he is the most entertaining talker who will argue his point endlessly but still keep you spellbound by his voice and his smile. He also likes arguments for the sake of arguments. He doesn’t care which side he is on, as long as the argument continues to entertain him. Expect him to change sides in a blink of an eye if he perceives that one side is winning over the other.

In Love: Don’t expect this guy to understand your contradicting behaviour.

One example is when he asks if you’re ok, and you reply ?I’m ok?. He will take it that you really are OK, but will be slightly confused as to why you?re still frowning or still don?t want to eat. He will not spend his mental energy figuring out the reasons behind the reasons why you?re in a bad mood. He will ask you for an explanation only once, and then he will move on.

Woobie?s Quick Tip: My experience with Librans taught me not to expect him to run after me when it was I who declared that the relationship is over. He will be able to forget a girl insultingly fast. If you bring him in a place where he has to make endless choices before he places his order (i.e. Starbucks), restrain him when he feels like throttling the barista. Better yet, decide what you’re getting then you tell him what’s the best product to try.

Spare your Libra soulmate the agony of making choice after choice after choice. Also, if the courtship has gone on long enough, the girl should be the one to make the final stand for the relationship already, or else it will never happen.


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